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Quality, reliability, experience!

In our clinic you will discover the world of dentistry at reasonable prices. Maxilla is modern equipment, years of experience, individual approach to every client! At Maxilla clinic you will experience the atmosphere of warmth and caring, and specialists will make your smile irresistible!

At the clinic you will get the specialist’s consultations for free.

  • At Maxilla clinics it is possible to carry the first and most important stage in parodontosis treatment.
  • With new VECTOR equipment it is possible to remove subgingival tartar, to clean periodontal pockets and fight against bacteria. VECTOR allows all primary intervention in one visit almost without pain.
  • In clinic it is possible to make a photo whitening using Flexi light system. It is a professional cabinet method of whitening teeth. It takes only one procedure, 2 hours, to make a complete teeth whitening.
  • New teeth whitening system Sunstar Butler without using a lamp. Reaching maximum effect doesn’t occur teeth sensitivity. It takes only one procedure, 30 minutes, to make a complete teeth whitening.

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Installing veneers (ceramic plates) is a quick and reliable solution of the problem with minimum intervention.

With veneers you can:

  • restore the tooth;
  • change the form of tooth;
  • change the color of tooth;
  • close a gap between the teeth.

New technology - ultrathin veneers, known as laminates (lumineers) or Hollywood veneers. It is a unique 0,2-0,3 mm thick durable material. The tooth doesn’t have to be sawed. Installing is made by a qualified specialist with German certificate in installing lumineers.

The best choise to restore the tooth - a dental implant. Our clinic offers you „MIS” implant system and implants. "MIS" implant system has European quality certificate and FDA certificate - the highest quality certificate in the world.

Advantages of implantation:

  • Possibility to restore the teeth without sewing the others!
  • Possibility to install a fixed prosthesis without some teeth.
  • Implants allow to make a prosthetic appliance without teeth. You will get rid of uncomfortable unfixed prosthesis!


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