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On our website, we try to display the life of our aesthetic dental clinic. An individual and classy approach to clients is important to us - treatment services on credit and the availability of three-dimensional video of the implantation process, all this is just for you. The more information a client of our dental clinic has, the more interesting it is for you to participate in the treatment process. Since with the presence of this kind of information, you have fewer questions and doubts about our work.

We also emphasize the clinic’s loyalty to the client on financial issues - the clinic offers various bonuses in services for your responsiveness - this helps you to be more confident in your financial situation regarding treatment or dental implantation. The clinic provides complete visual information about the clinic’s treating team. We know how important the first contact is. It’s nice to know and remember in advance who works at this clinic, as this will create a feeling of confidence in getting to know this person. When you come to the Maxilla clinic, you will not feel like a modest “newbie”, but will already be brought up to speed - what’s what.

Pay attention to the list of our services and you will understand that the dental clinic works using modern technologies, given that the technologies were developed in developed countries of the world. The Maxilla Clinic is one of the leaders in the field of approaching clients, in direct contact, via telephone, Internet, and Skype.

We try to be friendly!

A dental microscope has appeared in our clinic!
Dear patients, we are happy to share some good news.

Diagnosis and treatment will now be even more accurate. Modern techniques are designed for increasingly subtle manipulations and require maximum visualization of the working field because it is impossible to predict the result by trusting only experience and intuition. Using a microscope allows you to provide better services.

Main advantages of the microscope:
  • More accurate diagnosis of tooth condition;
  • High precision of the doctor's work;
  • Effective retreatment of canals.

As a rule, a microscope is used in endodontic dental treatment. The anatomy of root canals is complex. They may be highly curved or have branches of different lengths and shapes. Therefore, working with the canals is difficult and requires increased attention from the doctor. The work of an endodontist acquires pinpoint precision. Using a dental microscope allows the doctor to perform work with the canals more accurately, and therefore make it as effective as possible.

First of all, special lighting and magnification make it possible to see much more detail, including the anatomy of the structure of the tooth canals. As a result, it increases the effectiveness of root canal treatment. But most often I use a microscope when re-treating canals.

A dental microscope allows you to:
  • exercise careful control when unfilling root canals
  • it is easy to detect the entrance to the root canals using gentle methods with the greatest preservation of tooth tissue
  • see and close perforations in root canals
  • detect hidden cracks

In addition to the use of the microscope in endodontics, its use is also highly effective in the manufacture of prosthetic work and restorations. Magnification and additional lighting allow you to gain visual access to all areas of the tooth and carry out complex manipulations with high precision and unsurpassed quality.

Dentistry online!

In the daily rhythm of life, we often put off going to the dentist, hoping that we will do it later or it will go away on its own. By postponing this trip, we lose time on a more temporary elimination of the cause and the possibility of preserving teeth. In this regard, we decided to save you time, and costs and provide you with a complete online consultation with leading dentists in our clinic.

After all, saving time gives you a chance to understand what a wonderful thing life is, change your mood, and feel happy all day long. You can smile at a random passerby so that he too perks up. Is this not enough?

We provide online consultations:
  • Implantology;
  • Prosthetics;
  • Aesthetic dentistry.
We will answer and advise you on all your questions.
During working hours from 10.00-20.00
During non-working hours, you can write to us and we will contact you personally.
We will tell and show you exactly what you need.
Because we have an individual approach for each client.

Ready for the dentist's visit!

A visit to the dentist should be comfortable. But often the thought of a dentist causes fear and anxiety in many people. To reduce your anxiety, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with how to prepare for an appointment with both the doctor and the patient. After all, being prepared to see a dentist will give you peace of mind. And your peace of mind will help the doctor comfortably provide you with his services.

And for the visit to take place with maximum efficiency and not cause physical and moral discomfort, you should prepare for it.

Doctor's actions before working with a patient:
• Preparation of the workplace (disinfection, preparation of tools and materials);
• get acquainted with the patient’s card, and take into account the information provided by the patient about his health;
• invite the patient to sit in a chair and position the patient comfortably;
• most importantly, the doctor must start a conversation and listen to the patient’s complaints and wishes before starting work, and orally discuss the progress of the doctor’s work and actions.

This helps the patient feel comfortable and calm in the dentist's chair.

What should a patient do before visiting a dentist:
• Plan your visit get ready, and come to the doctor in a good mood;
• do not forget about the rules of dental hygiene; before visiting the dentist, it is a good idea to brush your teeth; avoid eating too aromatic foods and food additives before visiting the doctor;
• you should not overeat before visiting the dentist, because this can cause discomfort for both you and the doctor during treatment, especially considering your physiological characteristics. If you have a gag reflex, you should notify the doctor in advance;
• but you should not completely exclude eating before the visit since administering an anesthetic to a hungry person can cause severe dizziness and worsen health;
• notify the doctor if you are taking any medications;
• prepare questions that interest you, take available reports, and photographs of previous treatment in another clinic;
• The clinic requires a document confirming your identity to obtain a medical card and issue a receipt for services. Provide information about the availability of an insurance policy.

The team of our clinic will provide you with attention, and quality services, kindly conduct a consultation and answer all your questions.

Implantation All on 4

Get a beautiful smile in 24 hours.

This modern implantation technique allows you to restore your dentition and aesthetics on the same day as placing implants. The patient is provided with 4 supporting implants, then a temporary fixed prosthesis is installed immediately after implantation - this means that the patient will be able to eat and smile comfortably on this day. This procedure can be performed on the upper or lower jaw. Another advantage of this method is that it is possible to remove remaining teeth and place implants in one stage. You won't have to go without teeth even for a day.

The temporary structure is made of plastic or composites, is durable, looks natural and aesthetically pleasing, and lasts from six months to three years. This type of prosthesis is non-removable, is screwed onto supporting implants, and has good and reliable fixation of the prosthesis.

This technique will help solve problems such as:
• Complete absence of teeth on one or both jaws;
• Partial absence of teeth;
• Inability to wear a removable denture;
• Poor fixation of removable dentures and their loss when eating or talking;
• The need to quickly restore the functionality and aesthetics of the dentition;
• Reluctance to have removable dentures in the absence of teeth.

Helpful information! How to behave after tooth extraction.

1. The gauze swab must be removed after 20 minutes.
2. The wound should not be touched with the tongue, much less with the fingers (this especially applies to children).
3. After removal, you cannot eat for 2 hours.
4. On the operating day, it is advisable not to eat hot food or hot drinks. You can eat soft, gentle food.
5. You cannot rinse your mouth on the day of removal; this can only be done on the second day, with warm salt water (1/3 teaspoon per glass of water).
6. You cannot sleep on the side of your face from which the removal was performed. It is advisable to sleep on a slightly raised pillow.
7. It is advisable to avoid any physical activity and work involving tilting your head down.
8. You cannot take a hot bath or steam in a sauna.
9. It is advisable to avoid drafts.
10. If there is swelling, then in the first hours after removal, it is advisable to apply a cold compress for 10-15 minutes, at a distance of 0.5 cm from the wound.
11. For pain, you can take painkillers.
12. It is prohibited to drink alcohol for 7 days.
13. If after 3 days swelling and pain persist, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Vides pieejamība personām ar funkcionāliem traucējumiem.

Informācija par kārtību, kādā SIA „Baltic Dental Services” nodrošina iespēju personām ar funkcionāliem traucējumiem saņemt zobārstniecības pakalpojumus.

Atbilstoši Ministru kabineta 2009. gada 20. janvāra noteikumiem Nr.60 „Noteikumi par obligātajām prasībām ārstniecības iestādēm un to struktūrvienībām” (grozījumi 2013. gada 10. decembra noteikumos Nr.1463), noteikta kārtība veselības aprūpes pakalpojumu saņemšanas iespēju nodrošināšanai Sabiedrībā ar ierobežotu atbildību „Baltic Dental Services”, personām ar funkcionāliem traucējumiem:
  1. Nodrošināta iespēja personām ar funkcionālajiem traucējumiem saņemt visus Maxilla dental clinic sniegtos zobārstniecības pakalpojumus atbilstoši apstiprinātajām medicīniskajām tehnoloģijām.
  2. Papildus informācija saņemama, sazinoties pa tālruņa numuru: 29233334
  3. Ja Maxilla dental clinic pacientam vai apmeklētājam nepieciešams papildus atbalsts, lai iekļūtu ārstniecības iestādē un/vai nokļūtu Zobārstniecības kabinetā, atbalstu ir iespējams saņemt: - iepriekš zvanot uz tālruņa numuru: 29233334
  4. Maxilla dental clinic darbinieki, sniedzot pakalpojumus pacientiem - personām ar funkcionālajiem traucējumiem, papildus ievēro šādus nosacījumus:
  5. Ikviens darbinieks savu iespēju robežās sniedz atbalstu personai ar funkcionālajiem traucējumiem, nepieciešamības gadījumā piesaistot pacienta tuviniekus, vai izmantojot palīgierīces, kas saskaņā ar noslēgti em sadarbības līgumiem var tikt izmantotas pacientu pārvietošanai un pakalpojumu saņemšanas ērtībām.
  6. Personām ar funkcionālajiem traucējumiem zobārstniecības pakalpojumu saņemšanai, tiek pielāgota zobārstniecības iekārta.
  7. Saziņa ar personām, kurām ir dzirdes traucējumi, tiek nodrošināta, izmantojot vizuālo informāciju vai saraksti, pacienta tuviniekus, vai pieaicinot biedrības „Latvijas Nedzirdīgo savienība” īpaši apmā cītās atbalsta personas.
  8. Personām ar redzes traucējumiem Maxilla dental clinic darbinieki papildus nodrošina personas pavadīšanu.
  9. Personām ar garīga rakstura traucējumiem, informācija par sniegtajiem veselības aprūpes pakalpojumi tiek nodrošināta, viņa tuviniekiem saprotamā veidā.
  10. Tualetes telpa personām ar funkcionālajiem traucējumiem ir pieejama
  11. Informācija par kārtību, kādā Maxilla dental clinic nodrošina iespēju personām ar funkcionāliem traucējumiem saņemt zobārstniecības pakalpojumus, ir izvietota informācijas stendā, kā arī pieejama tīmekļa vietnē


Maxilla Dental Clinic, in cooperation with the credit company LATEKO LĪZINGS, offers individual financial conditions for any services.

AS „LATEKO LĪZINGS” has been offering lending services on the Latvian market since 1997. Today the company has become one of the leading non-bank credit organizations in Latvia! Lending services are provided by the company based on a credit license issued by the Consumer Rights Protection Center of the Ministry of Economy of Latvia.

  • Loan amount from 50€ to 3000€
  • Fast and convenient loan processing in branches of AS „LATEKO LĪZINGS” or retail outlets
  • Down payment from 0%
AS „LATEKO LĪZINGS” provides the opportunity to conveniently, simply and profitably purchase goods by paying for them in installments according to an individually drawn up payment schedule, which allows you to choose the return period and monthly payment amount that suits you. Each client has the opportunity to purchase either a single product/service or several products/services and apply for it on credit. The selected product can be received immediately, and payments can be made monthly under the payment schedule.

The service of AS „LATEKO LĪZINGS” can be used by:
  • citizen/non-citizen of Latvia, as well as a foreign citizen with a residence permit in the Republic of Latvia, aged 18 to 70 years with regular, provable monthly income and a positive credit history. To apply for a loan, you need a passport or ID card.
  • a merchant (legal entities and persons conducting business activities), whose activities have been registered in the Republic of Latvia for at least 6 months, carrying out active business activities, with a positive credit history. For a legal entity to obtain a loan, a guarantor is needed.

AS „LATEKO LĪZINGS” offers loans from 50 € to 3000 € with repayment up to 36 months. For purchases up to 1400 € the first payment is from 0%, for the rest the advance payment is 10% by the current regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

When drawing up a loan agreement, you have the opportunity to choose a convenient date for payment (within 15 days), and also, if necessary, repay the loan before the expiration of the agreement, paying interest only for the used loan term. For the convenience of clients, the company offers to manage their issued loan and its payments on the portal



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