You are afraid of needles? Today it is not scary and it does not hurt!
Local anesthesia without a needle is already in dentistry! Anesthesia faster and more efficiently than usual, with fewer anesthetic! Injections with Injex 30, subject to better and faster than an injection syringe. Analgesic effect occurs almost immediately after the administration of the anesthetic, so to start treatment can often be in the first minute of anesthesia. This requires a smaller number of anesthetic!

Your First Free Online Consultation

Our trained staff are extremely friendly and will address your concerns with utmost sensitivity and provide clear answers to questions that you may have.

Once you have completed a short Medical History Form giving information about yourself and how you would like your teeth to be, we will take you to one of our treatment suites, where you will meet your dentist.

The dental examination is a detailed assessment of how healthy your teeth and gums are in order to establish the basis from which to develop your dental health and build your confident smile. We will also listen to your desires and concerns regarding your teeth.

Steps Involved in Your First Consultation

  1. Your dentist will start by asking you questions regarding your health and teeth
  2. Your dentist will examine your teeth, gums, face and neck. The dentist will assess decay levels and problem areas, these will be recorded by the dental nurse for the dentist to discuss with you.
  3. If the dentist needs to he/she will ask if they can take x-rays. X-rays enable the dentist to see what is happening beneath the gums and under fillings etc.
  4. Once they have gathered the information they need, they will discuss and explain treatment options and solutions to your dental problems (if there are any). For simple routine checks the hygienist or filings may be all that is needed. For more complex issues further tests and investigations may be carried out before a treatment plan is agreed with you.


Benefits of Your First Consultation

  1. Regular visits to your dentist means that they can identify problem areas and correct them before the need for complicated treatment is necessary.
  2. Thorough examinations helps your dentist look after your dental health and helps you maintain a confident, healthy smile.
  3. You can decide and plan your treatment with your dentist, to achieve the best result for you.

Complete Dental Implant (each) 640.00 Euro (all included) + Free Onlaine Consultation

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"Dental Implants - Permanently Replace Missing Teeth or Dentures. We are one of Riga leading Centre's for quality affordable Dental Implants. We have the expertise to provide a Full Mouth Smile Makeovers (Dental Facelift) for those with multiple missing teeth or no teeth. Our team includes one of the world's leading Implantologists. Please contact

CEREC® Same Day Teeth

NEW Ceramic Teeth in Just One Visit! with CEREC® 3D Technology. Permanent White Fillings, Tooth Coloured Crowns, Inlays and Onlays. We can restore chipped teeth and replace old amalgam fillings while you wait. CEREC® is a 'digital infrared camera – medical grade PC and milling machine', all located at The Riga central.
NO Metal Work, NO Temporaries, NO Laboratory Visits...


We all want to be stylish and beautiful, healthy and well-looking. But we just do not like visiting the dentist and blame someone else for our problems. We think it is unnecessary to visit the dentist regularly, we neglect the basic prevention of oral diseases, we visit the doctor when we need serious treatment. And it is striking not only for our teeth, but also for our wallet. So let's not avoid visiting the dentist, because Maxilla Dental Clinic cares not only about the teeth, but also the wallets of their customers and offers new prices for some dental services.

As part of the promotion qualified dentists will make a careful inspection and diagnosis of oral health, will make a comprehensive treatment plan. Will offer teeth whitening, orthopedic treatment (installation of implants, veneers or all-ceramic) at special prices.



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